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Banners, icons & more for Live Journal

Cleopatra Designs
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Live journal layouts.
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What is this community?
CDesigns is a s2 layout & graphics/icons/banners community. Free and paid users alike may use these layouts or images.

CDesigns only has two set in stone rules, and those rules are that you credit the layout maker and whomever else specified on the layout's entry itself, and that you do do not drastically alter the images, backgrounds or code of the layouts. It's that simple and that important. If you don't credit, I notice. No cookies for j00!

Who are you?
I'm Mel, or the Melonator, or elf_fu if you prefer. I'm a middle aged house wife with too much time on my hands. :-D

Where are the layouts?
The layouts are placed in the Memories of CDesigns community.

I can't see any of the layouts?
Memories are accessible to members only. To view the layouts simply join us. :)

Are you getting paid for this, do you ask for donations?
No, I'm not. No, I will never ask for donations. This is a hobby, a learning experience if you will. I really do enjoy messing with css, HTML, and love graphics. Should someone wish to give to CDesigns, I'd like to think they'd do so on their own without being prompted.

Where are the & paid user styles?
I'm afraid that I am just not comfortable enough in designing paid layouts to offer them to the public at this time. I may offer some in the future, keep an eye out! In the meantime, feel free to search around LJ, there are some wonderful communities that can help you out!:)

Link it, love it, use it, send it, share it!
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It looks like this:
Cleopatra Designs

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It looks like this:

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It looks like this:


i learnt gud at:

Some of the neato css you'll find in these templates have been graciously provided by:

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